Relax and take it easy by the sea

Here are our top four ideas on how to beat stress and have a more balanced life: 

  1. Take time out – when the evenings and weekends come, don’t check your work emails, just switch off and enjoy spending time with family and friends. You can escape from it all if you book a break with us!
  2. Get some fresh air – spend time in the great outdoors either walking in the park or somewhere more rugged or do some gardening. We’re located right on the beach here in Westward Ho! and are close to the South West Coast Path. It runs right around the coast from Somerset to Poole in Dorset (630 miles) and covers both moorland as well as the seascapes, and delivers some breath-taking views. The online map for the South West Coast Path is a great place to start if you’re planning a coast walk from our beach along the path. The South West Coast Path website has an interactive map that’s great to use. You can find out more here:
  3. Read – pick up a good book, a proper paperback that smells papery and feels great to the touch. The light from laptop and tablet screens can be harsh on the eyes at bedtime and this can hinder sleep, so pop the technology away and go old-school.
  4. Sleep well – have an uncluttered bedroom, cut out the caffeine and resist using your laptop or tablet at bedtime. Getting plenty of exercise out in the fresh air can also help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you’d like to book an autumn or winter break with us where you can take some time out and get out into the great outdoors, do give us a call today.

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