Owning your own seaside holiday home

If you’re planning on owning your own holiday home by the seaside, it is a big step to take and it is important to have all the facts at your fingertips before making your decision. We’re here to help.

We sell properties to individuals and operate a ‘buy-to-let’ scheme. Buy-to-let purchasers can also enjoy a return on their properties and owners can have regular holidays on site too.

Selecting the right holiday village or park with the best facilities in a location to suit you and your budget is vital.

We recommend that you have a good look around the area and familiarise yourself with the village.

Once you have picked your favourite, we suggest that you arrange a visit to get a good feel for it, to chat to the other homeowners and visitors, and to explore the area.

You can arrange a tour of the park with our friendly and helpful team and can experience what it really feels like to be an owner. This also represents a wonderful opportunity to view our holiday homes that are for sale including our new Lighthouse View properties and for us to answer any questions you may have.

Here are some things to consider asking:

  • Is the village easy to get to?
  • Do the facilities suit my needs and the needs of those I intend to bring with me, such as children, grandchildren and pets? 
  • How long is the season, will there be some months when I can’t be a resident? Here we’re open all year round to owners and visitors
  • Does the area fit my lifestyle, the scenery and the hobbies and activities I’d like to do?

Our new Lighthouse View development has been built specifically for the holiday buy-to-let market and all-year-round use. Each of the spacious, modern properties has three bedrooms and offers a 999-year lease.

We offer a second to none letting service, both for our own properties and for those owners who wish to let their holiday homes with as little input as possible, so laundry and cleaning are all taken care of, along with advertising, bookings, pre-heating the properties and generally making sure that every stay with us represents the best experience possible.

You also have to be comfortable with the financial arrangements and, as with any home, there are running costs involved that you need to consider such as site fees, insurance, water, sewage, electricity and gas.

Holiday homes can be a substantial emotional and financial investment, so it is essential to make sure that the one you choose meets all your needs, is suitable for your requirements and doesn’t exceed your budget.

If you would like to have a friendly and informal chat with one of our team today, please get in touch here.

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