Log off and chill out by the sea with us on North Devon’s Heritage Coast

We’re encouraging guests to escape the virtual world, sleep and indulge in some mindfulness when they stay with us this year (2018).

Our nation’s ‘always available’ culture means many people are struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, but we think we have the antidote here at Golden Bay.

 One of the most sensible things we can all do to get some rest is be a little less available to everyone in the virtual world.

 We have great Internet and mobile access here (Instructions to log onto the WiFi are available with welcome letters on arrival. We do not offer telephones, however there’s a good mobile phone signal on site for most service providers) but if you want to come and escape your online community and its demands, then you can.

 We’re suggesting guests who want to just turn off their devices when they arrive, give their loved ones’ our reception details in case of an absolute emergency and relax.

 In our always ‘on’ society, the impact of technology on sleep is becoming increasingly problematic. Some experts believe that blue light emitted from screens affects the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) have devised a ‘Slumber Number’ and say 18-64-year-olds need an average of seven to nine hours a night.

Regular poor sleep is known to increase the risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, as well as shortening life expectancy.

Research commissioned by the makers of Nytol last year revealed 40% of people claim they ‘often feel tired’. This also comes at a time when we are seeing the UK’s productivity lag way behind other economies, suggesting may be that our nation’s sleep habits may also be having a serious knock-on effect on the UK economy.

 We’re all about good old-fashioned comfort with all the mod-cons here. Guests can benefit from our exclusive, luxury accommodation, but they can also do the simple things in life, like watching the world go by, going on walks on our beautiful Blue Flag beach, which is a pebble’s throw from our site, or simply contemplating the stunning sea views, and potentially even indulging in some mindfulness.

There’s no proven research to suggest this will work, but most of our guests report they have slept soundly after some fresh, sea air, a bit of exercise, time away from their devices and the internet, and a good meal or two in the nearby restaurants in Westward Ho! and a little further afield. We seem to have become a nation that can’t switch off, so we’re just giving guests all they need to press the off button and detox.

Half of those questioned in the research by Nytol are getting a maximum of six hours sleep a night. Further findings have shown that a third of people in full-time work (32%) are losing sleep because they feel they have too many demands on their time, while 30% are kept awake by unfinished ‘to do’ lists and 11% by having too many emails in their inbox.

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