Coastal gardens and plants

Gardening by the sea is an adventure. We take a lot of time here at Golden Bay over the way the Village looks and the plants we use to enhance the environment.

Our coastal location means that some tender plants will grow better here than in potentially frosty inland areas, but there are also challenges posed by the salt and the winter winds we experience.

We have landscaped our site very much with the environment in mind and making sure we make the very best of the area.

We’ve used multi-purpose compost or well-rotted manure or green waste to improve the structure of the soil and increase the quantity of moisture and nutrients it can hold. We’ve also mulched with bark to help conserve soil moisture and to keep the weeds at bay.  

To help create a sheltered environment, we’ve used feathered trees or conifers. Trees that do well here include: Acer, Salix and Crataegus (thorn). Conifers such as Cupressus macrocarpa and all types of pines including the dwarf varieties also do well here as do shrubs like Euonymus ovatus, Sambucus, Hebe, Senecio, Escallonia, Pyracantha and Ulex (gorse).

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